Three Hundred & Sixty-Five Candles

Three Hundred & Sixty-Five Candles

Tomorrow marks our 1st Wedding Anniversary.  The past 365 days have been fun, exciting and full of food adventuring…to say the least. Surprisingly, we haven’t stopped eating since the East Texas Love Feast (click here to see our wedding featured on Rustic Wedding Chic). It all began with breakfast in bed at the Hotel Saint … Continue reading

Who’s Bringing the Deviled Eggs?

Who’s Bringing the Deviled Eggs?

Springtime brings back many colorful memories that are filled with bunnies, frilly fashion & culinary fun.  One of my favorite holidays is Easter. The food most synonymous with Easter is, of course, eggs!  Every year, Poppy & Nonnie would host an Easter egg hunt at their home in Reese, Texas. While Poppy hid the eggs, Nonnie would stand in … Continue reading

An East Texas Holiday

An East Texas Holiday

In 1989, I experienced my first Hanukkah in Roslyn, New York (Long Island) and my very first II Bisonte pocketbook.  Working during Thanksgiving & Christmas at Copper Mountain, Colorado  wasn’t so bad.  Every day from 2pm-4pm, I skied through the Rocky Mountains, yelling “Schnapps Patrol” to all the guests enrolled in the Club Med Ski School. Between … Continue reading

Celebrating Tyler Roses & Oxbow Pies

Celebrating Tyler Roses & Oxbow Pies

The month of October was filled with roses! The City of Tyler celebrated its 79th Annual Texas Rose Festival on October 18th-20th. The next weekend, during the Hot Pepper Festival, David sold Oxbow pies and I sold Tyler Roses. Most of my life has been filled with Tyler Roses. My stepfather, Joe, opened up Tyler … Continue reading

Sunday Supper

Sunday Supper

When summer ends and fall begins, it’s all about football in Texas.  However, where there is football, there is food!  The historic “Tomato Bowl” in Jacksonville, lights up the whole town on Friday evenings. Forget about going out to supper.  Eating a Frito Pie, an extra large Kosher Dill Pickle and a Jawbreaker makes for … Continue reading

A Summer Full of Circles

A Summer Full of Circles

My great-aunt (Beulah /“Nannie”) had two parakeets in her breakfast room.  Each night, she would cover their cages with flour sacks. I will never forget waking up to those sunny mornings at her house.  Nothing beats listening to birds “sing” and eating homemade biscuits, soaked in warm maple syrup. My brother, Marc (who owns a … Continue reading